Weight Loss Louisville

Weight Loss Louisville

There are all types of programs for weight loss in Louisville, but finding the best one for your situtation and goals isn’t always that easy. Some programs are designed specifically to sell their diet foods and don’t provide the education to help you eat healthy without those foods. Some include a program of regular exercise, while others don’t. Some include nutritional information and others are just exercise programs. The best ones, are those that have both nutritional help and a personalized exercise program.

Programs that have both nutritional information and exercise often have two people running them.

Some nutritionists work with personal trainers, so you get both help with your diet and an exercise program. Either you choose the trainer and then have to meet with the nutritionist or vice versa. If you love the first person you chose to work with, but find the recommended partner not your cup of tea, you’re stuck. There are a few personal trainers, however, who are also nutritionists, so you don’t have to deal with another person or duplicate your concerns. It’s the ideal solution, but a rare find.

A personalized program considers all pertinent factors and never leaves you frustrated or bored.

When you work with a personal trainer, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to your fitness. He or she first assesses your overall fitness level, learns your goals and whether you have any special needs. Only then does the trainer create a workout that will tax you, but still be within your capabilities. The same is true when you’re working with a nutritionist or personal trainer with certification in nutrition. The suggested changes need to be within your goals and consider special needs, such as gluten or dairy intolerance.

The combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise helps you shed pounds fast.

Shedding weight is an easy concept and a difficult process. You consume 3500 fewer calories than you burn. While a healthy diet is lower in calories, exercise burns more calories. That means you’re attacking fat two ways. Exercise also does something else. It builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does, so you’re burning more 24 hours a day, even when you don’t exercise.

– Healthy eating isn’t dieting. Dieting leaves you feeling deprived and often hungry. Diets always end. Healthy eating is forever and you never feel hungry. You can even eat

your favorite foods, in moderation.

– Exercise boosts your energy level, making you more active and burning more calories.

– Exercise helps you sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep can reduce the need to reach for sugary products for energy.

– When you exercise, you burn off the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol, which is associated with the accumulation of abdominal fat.

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