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Sticking With Your Fitness Program Over The Holidays

Sticking With Your Fitness Program Over The Holidays

Sticking with your fitness regimen during the holidays can be super tough. There’s so much going on that getting to the gym or taking time to workout almost seems impossible. To make it even worse, if eating healthy is a top priority there are tempting treats everywhere that can destroy your plans. The holidays can also create stress, which makes you want to grab those treats even more. There are ways to stay

Get the group to pitch in.

You need to find a way to ensure you have time to workout and that takes help. Create a list of everything that needs to be done, and then get the family to pitch in. If you’re normally the person that handles all the details, it’s time to change that. List all the things you need done and find out if the family really wants to maintain that tradition. Maybe some won’t care if the lights are on the outside of the house, but really hate to give up your holiday pastry. If they want the special pastry, get them to help you make it. Not only will they learn how to carry on the tradition, it will get done in less time. You don’t have to do it all alone. Teamwork takes the stress out and can make it fun.

Traditions had to start somewhere.

Have you ever considered having a healthy holiday. I have a client that started a new family tradition. Each person brings a sweet treat that’s healthy and a healthy dish. The family goes for a walk after dinner, too. Everyone loves the chance to create a dessert that’s healthy. She even created one that has no sugar or sweeteners outside of dried fruit. You don’t have to go that far, simply changing some of the fare can make it a healthier meal.

Plan ahead.

Carve out time in your schedule to workout, even if it’s early in the morning. Don’t let fate decide whether you’ll have time to go to the gym or not. It’s an appointment you must keep. It will keep your energy level high so you can accomplish even more. Plan meals ahead and have healthy snacks ready in the refrigerator for quick snacks or an easy meal.

  • Don’t try to be everything for everybody. Take time for yourself to just relax. Whether it’s taking a nap, a bubble bath or just sitting in a quiet room, carve out some “me” time.
  • Remember, exercise is a stress buster. It can be the perfect way to get rid of the holiday stress and feel good again.
  • If you worry about overeating at parties, don’t skip meals before you go to save calories. Instead, fill up at home on low calorie foods so you won’t be as tempted to overeat. Eating slowly also helps.
  • You can give yourself a pass when it comes to special holiday meals. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can never have foods you love. It just means you don’t eat them as often and watch portion control.

Favorite Indoor Activities

Favorite Indoor Activities

If you’re a runner, jogger or other outdoor exerciser or simply need some indoor activities for you or you and the kids to do on your day away from the gym when the weather is cold, snowy or rainy, you’ll love some of these ideas. Having active games and fitness routines ready will help you stay consistent to your workout program and avoid skipping it entirely. So if the roads are bad this winter, here’s a go-to list you can use. Feel free to add more indoor activities to it!

Dance the day away.

Well, maybe not the whole day but a half hour to an hour of dancing can be fun. You can even combine it with house cleaning and boogie down while washing walls or windows and Samba through sweeping. If the kids are joining you, all the better, but stick with them doing the tasks. Have them dance through cleaning up the living room, then join them in dancing through the disaster in their bedroom. If you don’t want to combine household tasks, have music downloads to your phone or on a hand held device that you can stop at any time and Freeze dance. When the music stops, everyone holds their pose.

Have an at home personal gym.

It’s not what you think. Your at home personal gym can be resistance bands and a yoga mat. In fact, if you’re doing body weight exercises, you only need the mat or a blanket to throw on the floor. Talk to your personal trainer about creating some body weight exercise routines you can use anywhere. Weight training is okay at home if you want to use milk jugs filled with water or large cans of soup as weights. Doorway pull-up bars can also be an inexpensive addition to your collection of workout tools.

Get in your workout, but spend time to create healthy meals.

It’s not always easy to create healthy meals, particularly if it’s just a day before grocery shopping. Take some time on those rainy days to plan not only the menus but also the shopping list. You’ll find that many of the ingredients you use for one meal are also used in others, so you’ll often save money doing it this way. Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot or even be hard. Plan cooking triple recipes so you have enough to pack away and freeze for other meals. To make it even easier, we offer an internet program for meal planning so you don’t have to do all the work.

  • Have a jump rope or hula hoop ready for exercise. Make sure you clear an area thoroughly before you start. Kids will love doing this with you, so get one for each child, too. It’s a super inexpensive way to get the kids involved with fitness.
  • If you have a sturdy coffee table, sturdy chair or a really thick book, use it as a workout tool and do a stair stepper. You can watch TV as you step up onto it and back down to the floor.
  • Marching in place and lifting your knees really high can be exhausting and a great cardio workout at home when the weather’s bad.
  • Bad weather isn’t the only reason people workout at home. If you find that working out at home is your best option, check out one of our internet programs to get guidance from a personal trainer.

Dieting Vs Lifestyle Changes

Dieting Vs Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve had it with yoyo dieting, it’s time to think about making lifestyle changes. Healthy lifestyle changes can mean eating healthier, working out regularly, getting more sleep and drinking more water. It definitely doesn’t mean starving yourself or eating only certain foods and feeling deprived because of it. One reason I don’t recommend dieting is that diets just don’t work. You may lose weight, but then go back to old eating habits and the weight returns.

Dieting is restrictive.

While changing your eating habits takes time, you may have to follow a few meal plans until you learn all the tricks and ways to save calories. With dieting, the meal plan is strict and doesn’t change. Dieting always ends. That can occur when you lose the weight you want to lose or end in failure with a box of chocolate chip cookies and a pint of ice cream. Eating unhealthy or high calorie foods doesn’t mean your healthy eating plan is over. You’re allowed a “cheat day” or two. You simply go back to healthy eating the next day.

There’s loads of variety once you learn to eat healthier.

If you don’t feel like eating grilled fish that night, but prefer a chicken dish instead, it’s no biggie when you’re eating healthy and adopt it as a lifestyle change. In fact, I’ve had people who never learned more than the point where they give up sugar and processed foods actually lose weight. That was all they did! It can be a no brainer or as knowledge laden as you choose. Simply cutting out soft drinks and sweets can help shed lots of weight over time. Being prepared with an apple or some nuts for a mid morning or mid-afternoon snack is a smart option you’ll learn from healthy eating.

There’s no counting calories or carbs with healthy eating.

Are you worn out trying to journal all your food and count the calories or carbs on your new diet. It’s time to start thinking about eating healthier instead. It’s all about making smarter decisions when it comes to food and learning how to make substitutions to add nutrition and cut out excess calories. Some fun tips include cutting back on sugar or oil in baked goods and substituting applesauce instead.

  • Eating healthy lasts a lifetime. Once you learn how and make it a habit, you’ll never have to worry about gaining weight again.
  • Eating healthy isn’t just about weight loss, although that’s a very nice side effect. It’s all about ensuring you have good nutrition to keep the body strong and healthy.
  • Eating healthy is freeing. It’s about letting your body be your guide to what it needs.
  • Healthy eating is more about living a better life and being healthier. It becomes the way you want to live, not a punishment for gaining weight.

Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

There’s a reason I love working with my clients in Louisville, KY. It’s because of their amazing dedication and enthusiasm when it comes to fitness. That makes my job so much more rewarding and also helps them get fit faster. Just like them, your attitude toward fitness makes all the difference when it comes to getting results. If you dread working out and eating healthy, you’ll find excuses for not doing it. Take a personal inventory of your attitude and look for ways to make it better, even if it’s already good. Below are reasons people give for not getting fit and the logic that can help change their attitude.

If you hate doing the same old thing every workout, you probably don’t have a personal trainer.

One reason people enjoy working out with a personal trainer is they’re sure they’ll never be bored. Trainers provide new workouts frequently. Not only does it keep you from the boredom that can occur, it also helps you lose weight faster. When you do the same movements long enough, your body becomes efficient at them. That means it burns fewer calories, so you won’t lose as much weight. If you’re working out on your own at a box gym where you go from machine to machine and hate every minute of it, it may be time to switch to a personal trainer and workout you enjoy

Getting fit means eating healthy and you feel deprived when you diet.

The key word here is diet. When you eat healthy, you aren’t dieting, but making smarter choices when it comes to food. You’re learning how to pick the foods that are lower in calories but far higher in nutrition. You’ll learn to make simple substitutions, like using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream or eating brown rice instead of white rice. One thing is certain, healthy eating will never leave you feeling deprived or hungry. You can even eat your favorite foods, just not as often and remembering portion control.

You’re too busy to spend time worrying about working out or eating healthy.

One of the most amazing results that comes from a fitness program is the extra energy you have. You’ll be amazed at how you zip through your work and have time to spare. At first, it may be tough to figure out how to fit everything into your schedule, but after a few weeks, you’ll find you have ample time for working out and some time left over for yourself. You’ll bypass that mid morning and mid-afternoon drug out feeling and be able to go at top speed throughout the day.

  • If you’re doubtful you’ll be able to succeed and hate to spend the money, just to be disappointed, you need to come to Body Sculptors. We guarantee success or your money back.
  • If cost is a problem, don’t worry. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive and our group programs are extremely reasonable.
  • If you find that going to the gym after work is just too demanding, try working out in the morning for better results.
  • When you finally decide you really want to get into shape, all the excuses and reasons will melt away and you’ll do it!

A Healthy Diet Is The Key To Fitness

A Healthy Diet Is The Key To Fitness

Which is more important for fitness, a healthy diet or a program of regular exercise? While I always tell my clients at my Louisville facility that weight loss starts with a healthy diet, to maximize that weight loss, a program of regular exercise is also important. You won’t be at peak performance if you don’t have both. Adding adequate sleep, good hydration and avoiding abusive alcohol, tobacco and drug use is also important. No matter how much you exercise or do the other important things to constitute healthy living, if you aren’t eating healthy, you won’t get the healthy results you want.

A healthy diet includes whole foods and eliminates processed foods.

While not all processed foods are equally as bad for you, they pale by comparison when you see all the benefits of whole foods. Whole foods are foods that are closest to their natural form. They don’t come in boxes or bars, but are foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, grain fed beef, free range eggs and butter from grass fed cows. They go back to how food was meant to be consumed, fresh from the field or garden, without toxic chemicals and with all the nutrients they contain fresh off the vine.

It’s easier to skip the soft drink or fries than it is to exercise off the calories.

If you drink two to three soft drinks a day or eat a large order of fries, you’ve consumed all the calories you’d normally burn at a workout. So what do you do? Exercise longer? Exercise with more intensity? Skip the fries and soft drink? The last answer is correct. If just one order of fries can wipe out all the extra benefits from one exercise session, it means the key to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is diet, with exercise supplementing it. To match the calories from a large order of fries, you’d have to eat 240 string beans, 120 asparagus spears, 72 medium stalks of celery or 12 large tomatoes to get the same number of calories from these vegetables. That not only is far more filling, it also provides far more nutrition.

Your diet should supply your body with all the nutrition necessary.

In order to be your healthiest, you need the proper nutrition. That only comes from a well rounded plate with healthy fat, carbohydrates and proteins. It should contain a rainbow of colors when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Each color of vegetables and fruit contains different nutrients and phytonutrients. For instance, blueberries and all deep red fruits and veggies, including red cabbage, contain anthocyanins. They can help prevent cancer, improve your mind, lower your cholesterol and improve vision. Yellow and orange fruits and veggies provide carotenoids that convert to vitamin A.

  • If you don’t have adequate nutrition, especially adequate protein, you won’t have the material to build muscle mass or the energy to workout.
  • A healthy diet drives weight loss and good health. Exercise helps boost the effects and maintain weight loss. You need both for good health, but a healthy diet should always come first.
  • Ultimately the goal is to build strong muscles, improve flexibility and endurance, while leaving you feeling your fittest. You won’t get that healthy feeling if you only exercise and ignore a healthy diet.
  • Not only will a healthy diet boost your weight loss, it also can improve your skin, hair and overall appearance.

Give Yourself An Early Christmas Gift Of Good Health And Energy

Give Yourself An Early Christmas Gift Of Good Health And Energy

It’s not too early to start thinking about the holidays, especially if you want to give yourself the Christmas gift of good health and energy. It’s not unusual for people who make holiday gifts to start early and even more important if you’re giving yourself the gift of a healthy lifestyle. If you start today, you’ll see the results you want for the holidays. Not only will you feel more energetic, you’ll look better, too. Dedicate the next few months to fitness and you’ll find sticking the program is even easier when the busy holiday times come around. You’ll have more energy to deal with all the chaos that the holidays bring, too.

You’ll learn how to make smarter decisions when it comes to food.

Getting fit isn’t all about working out, it’s about what you eat, too. Healthy eating isn’t dieting, but simply making smarter choices about food. You’ll learn how to choose food more wisely and make substitutions to make that choice healthier and lower in calories. Simple things like substituting Greek yogurt instead of sour cream to top potatoes not only boost nutritional values, they shave calories, too. Eating healthier can mean cooking differently and even changing some recipes. It can mean substituting applesauce for oil or sugar in baked goods and grilling, baking or broiling meat instead of frying. If you start now, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to avoid the extra pounds that normally come with the holidays.

You’ll start to see results of your workout in a month and by the holidays see significant changes.

If you stick to the program, it won’t be long before you see the difference in your fitness level. Not only will you notice that you have more energy, you’ll notice the difference in how you look. Of course, the longer you workout, the more impressive your appearance will become and the more energy you’ll have. If you have several months, the difference will be amazing and you may need to even buy new clothes for the holiday. It will be nice to tell friends and family your new size if they want to buy clothing for you as a gift.

You don’t have to pay a fortune if you workout in a group program or use the internet version.

Many people worry about the cost of personal training, but they often don’t realize there are other options, besides simply doing private sessions. Group training is a good way to save money, yet you also get a personalized program and best of all, enjoy the comradery of others in the group that also provide a great deal of motivation. You can even use online training if going to the Louisville gym is a problem.

  • There’s no time better than now to start. Why wait to boost your energy level and look your best, when you can ring in the new year with a whole new body and attitude.
  • Learning to eat and cook healthier dishes can help make the holidays healthier for the whole family. You’ll have the knowledge to make the meals not only delicious, but also nutritious.
  • Starting today can give you a headstart on preparing for the holidays when life is at its busiest. You’ll have the program scheduled into your life by the time that the holidays roll around.
  • You owe it to yourself and your family to be your healthiest. Too often people put their needs to the end of the line, but in order to help others, they have to be healthy.

Getting Fit With Online Help

Getting Fit With Online Help

If you don’t have the extra time to get to a gym or don’t have a gym near you, consider getting fit with online help. Not only is online training easier to fit into your schedule, it’s also far more affordable. You’ll get a personalized workout program and nutritional guidance at a fraction of the cost of individual face-to-face personal training. Whether you’re a busy working mom or dad, have erratic hours or have a schedule that doesn’t work with gym schedules, online training can make it easier to create your own workout schedule and it cost less. That’s a double win.

You won’t miss out on accountability, which is one of the bigger benefits of having a trainer.

Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s like going to a website and following the exercise program when you feel like it. A good online program includes accountability with regular reports to a trainer. It’s either done through email or skyping. You’ll also have access to the trainer’s knowledge, so you can ask questions and even tell about your success.

It’s not all about exercising for fitness, either.

If you’re accessing online training, it should include both exercise and healthy eating. Healthy eating isn’t tricky once you know how to make smarter decisions, but initially, you may need more guidance. Having sample menus for each day and a shopping list really helps make it simpler. It also can provide recipes that taste good and don’t taste “low calorie” or “healthy.” Those descriptions identify rice cakes and food that tastes like vitamins, not real food.

If you want to watch how to do an exercise, rather than read about it, a good online program provides it.

No matter how articulate the writer, it’s not always easy to describe a body movement. What seems like a good description to some people, is unintelligible to others. That’s why providing a video of how the exercise looks can help achieve the best form. Having the right form for any exercise boosts the effectiveness and helps prevent injury.

  • Some online programs, like ours, allow you to use it if you sign up for just the online training or use it free as a supplement if you participate in a live program at our gym, like group or private training.
  • People often use online programs for their convenience, but also for the price and flexibility. New parents find it a great way to achieve their fitness goals without the need for a babysitter.
  • No matter how you choose to train, starting is the most important part. Online training can get you started until you’re ready to take your new found skills to the gym.
  • If you don’t need both nutritional training and fitness training, a good online program allows you to choose either one or both.

What Is The Paleo Diet

What Is The Paleo Diet

There’s always a new diet popping up that has merit. One of these diet philosophies it the paleo diet. It doesn’t use bizarre foods that you have to import or pay a fortune to get, but normal foods you’d find in Louisville, KY. It’s based on the premise that you eat foods like your ancestors ate. Not

your grandmother or grandfather, but going much further back to the age of the caveman, before farming was developed. They foraged for foods, as hunter-gatherers, eating wild beasts occasionally, but mostly, vegetation they found and the occasional bug when necessary. Bugs, by-the-way, aren’t part of the paleo diet, but they could be. They’re high in protein.

Paleo diets don’t contain grain or legumes.

Since the diet mimics preagriculture peoples, don’t expect to find any grain or legumes. Beans, dairy and grain simply aren’t part of it. It does contain many vegetables, so it’s far healthier than the average American diet right from the start. However, the exclusion of legumes based on the fact that they contain high amounts of phytic acid has been challenged by many people. Phytic acid is supposed to be an antinutrient according to many paleo enthusiasts. However, nuts are included in the diet, which also contain high amounts, yet they’re included. Just like oxylic acid interferes with the absorption of calcium in spinach, phytic acid interferes with the absorption of calcium, zinc and iron, but still provides nutrition enough to include it in a healthy diet.

Even though it’s called a caveman diet, you won’t be eating like a caveman.

Seriously, unless you forage in the backyard and eat some of those dandelion greens, (making sure they don’t have pesticides) or eat wild animals, your diet will be quite different from a caveman’s. It should be, cavemen didn’t have the luxury of foods out of season brought to them in refrigerated cars on trains. One of the biggest reasons noted for improved overall health, particularly dental health, was the ability to get fresh fruits and vegetables year round. However, unlike caveman days, it’s more expensive and harder to get grassfed beef and free-range chicken and eggs. These contain nutrients that aren’t in most commercial farm beef or chicken. .

There’s a lot to praise in the paleo diet that isn’t in the average American diet and some things missing.

The things that are missing are mostly things you don’t need to be healthy and even those things that are detrimental to your health. For instance, you won’t find refined sugar in a paleo diet or bread from refined bleached flour. There’s no diet anything, no soft drinks and no sugary cereal. What you will find is lots of protein and even more fresh greens and produce. It contains more omega-3 fatty acids than the average person eats. Of course, there’s no fried foods, trans fats or junk food.

  • r you, eliminating processed foods, as this diet does, can improve your overall health and help you lose weight.

The Best And Worst Low Carb Foods

The Best And Worst Low Carb Foods

To help you make the smartest choices in the food you eat, I’ve created an aid to choose from the best and worst low carb foods. Not all low carb foods are created equally. Low carb foods can help you on your goals toward weight loss, but some have more nutrition than others do. Obviously, the best ones will fall into the category of high nutrition and should be part of everyone’s daily diet. Not only will healthy low carb foods provide a way to boost nutrition, they also help you maintain weight after you lose those extra pounds.

You can get too much of a good thing.

While meat is part of a low carb diet, so is pork, eggs, butter and cheese. Right along with that butter are other types of fat, including high trans fats. Trans fats are the worst type of fats to eat, they provide no nutritional benefit and can increase the body’s bad cholesterol that causes heart disease. Even though foods containing saturated fat is also on the list, they’re not actually bad, since they raise both the good and bad cholesterol. You can get too much fat and too much protein if you’re not careful, but only transfats are a bad source of carbs. Too much protein is hard on the kidneys and liver.

There are more good low carb foods than bad ones.

Let’s start with the veggies. Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, leafy greens, cabbage and peppers are just a few of th nutritious low carb foods that should be on your list of those to eat. All these low carb vegetables are nutrient dense, so you’ll boost your overall health when you eat these. When adding fruit to your diet, stick with raspberries, blackberries and strawberries for the lowest number of carbs.

When choosing protein sources, choose wisely.

While nuts are allowed on a low carb diet, some are better than others. Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts and pecan are allowed to be eaten as often as you’d like. But pistachio and cashews are too high in carbs for that type of indulgence. For beef, lamb, game, pork and poultry choose gras-fed meats that are organic. Free range eggs should be at the top of your list, too. Most fish are allowed, but never bread them when you cook.

  • Mushrooms should also be on your list of good low carbs to eat. Sauteed in butter, they make a nice topper to red meat.
  • One simple rule to remember is that if it’s a vegetable that grows above the ground, it’s lower in carbs than those that grow below the ground.
  • Avocados not only provide healthy fat for a low carb diet, plus other nutrients, they fill you up so you aren’t as hungry. Try them with Tabasco or hot sauce, which is also low carb.
  • If you’re looking for great low carb topper for a burger, don’t turn to ketchup. Instead, consider mustard or mayonnaise. Both of these have far fewer carbs.

Should You Weigh Yourself Regularly

Should You Weigh Yourself Regularly

There’s never been a discussion on whether to weigh yourself regularly when you diet. The question has always been whether you should do it daily, weekly or less frequently. The verdict is in according to one study. It’s always been a given that weighing yourself helps you track your weight. While some programs require a weekly weigh-in, some newer studies show that weighing daily may actually help. While one study showed that men benefited from daily weigh-ins, but women didn’t, another study of only women showed the same results.

Weighing in weekly versus weighing in daily—which is best?

Conventional wisdom has always been toward regular weigh-ins on a weekly basis, rather than on a daily basis. There’s a reason for that. People’s weight vary from day to day, especially women’s weight. That can be depressing and counterproductive. However, a recent study showed that daily weigh-ins may actually help. One study that was undertaken by the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, included 294 female students showed that weighing daily had a beneficial effect on weight loss. The daily weighers showed a loss of body fat and a lower BMI over the two-year study.

Daily weigh-ins were the only dieting technique used in one study.

One study from Pacanowski and Levitsky of the University of Minnesota Division of Epidemiology & Community Health and Cornell University Division of Nutritional Sciences, showed that men actually lost weight when the only strategy used was daily weigh-ins. Women didn’t fare as well as men in this study. Half the group was told to weigh-in daily, while the other half wasn’t during the first year. The half weighing in daily lost weight. During the second year, the other half started weighing in and the men in that group also lost weight. The women’s weight did not change.

Having accountability helps.

Upon reviewing the records of 11,000 people who were overweight and in a weight management program, the results showed that people who had official weigh-ins with either a nurse or dietitian lost more than 5 percent of their total weight compared to those that didn’t. That’s a significant number that can lower the risk of developing a serious condition, such as diabetes.

  • One study showed no difference in weight loss between those who had daily weigh-ins and those who had weekly weigh-ins.
  • Studies show that people who are discouraged easily shouldn’t do daily weighing, but for others, the feedback from weigh-ins can help spur them onto more success.
  • No matter how often you weigh-in, do it the same time of day. If you weigh-in daily, do it in the morning for the most consistent reading.
  • Recording the weigh-ins also helps boost weight loss.