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Julie Strull

    “Jeff has been a huge supporter, motivator and encourager!”

    I have worked with Jeff for  over 5 years. He has been a huge supporter, motivator and encourager to my physical and emotional well being. I have always been in shape but since working out with Jeff my body has changed and I’ve become stronger and more physically fit. Even after major surgery, I was able to bounce back and quickly pick up where I left off. I don’t know what I would do without Jeff in my life.

    Julie Strull

Rocio Rodriguez

    Testimonial Picture of Rocio Rodriguez (2)

    I have struggled with weigh-loss post pregnancy and constantly struggle to stay consistent. I am doing better, using the app and seeing the workout demos help me keep track of what I am doing and motivates me to mark off every rep I complete.

    Yes, I am scheduling “me” time to make sure I get my workout in. Having two kids and working full time can make it easy to forget that mom needs some “me time” too.

    My current goals are to stay active 3-4 times per week, drink water, and to make healthier food choices.

    Wholly Fitness is a great place to be if you would like trainers that genuinely care about you and your goals. The app makes it that much more accessible and easy to navigate because everything can be tailored to you. Wholly Fitness is not just fitness it’s a tribe, a supportive one!

    Rocio Rodriguez

Nicole Prentice

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    Before hiring Wholly You Fitness I was very unmotivated. I would struggle to plan my own workouts or even know what workouts I should be doing to reach my fitness goals.
    After starting training with them, I’m able to stay focused and motivated throughout my entire hour-long workouts.
    I’ve noticed a lot of changes in just the few months I’ve been with WYF. The biggest change is my energy levels, having a set time to wake up and workout to start my day really helps boost energy and my mood for the entire day. One physical change that is noticeable is my glutes. That was one of my biggest goals when starting, to tone and build muscle in my glutes and thighs and it has definitely started showing.
    My current goals now are to continue working on toning my glutes and thighs, and also to start focusing on my abs more.

    For anyone on the fence about joining Wholly You Fitness, I would strongly recommend doing it. They really listen to what you’re goals and concerns are and they program the best workouts to help you achieve them. They have been the most supporting and motivating trainers and I love that they offer online training so I can continue with them while I’m traveling.

    Nicole Prentice

Morgan Korte

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    I have always enjoyed fitness and pushing my body to get stronger and faster. Before Wholly You Fitness I was missing consistency and accountability. I would go 1000% for a few months and then not be able to sustain that level anymore and drop off. The support from Wholly You Fitness brought back the enjoyment of exercise for me!

    I am doing well, definitely more consistent in my workouts and staying on the course for a sustainable lifestyle instead of pushing until I burnout.

    I want to continue to improve my form to prevent injury and continue to get stronger. One fitness goal I have is to progress to being able to do more than 1 pull up!

    In any capacity that you’re able to work with wholly you fitness, it will be a huge benefit! Take the leap and do it!

    Morgan Korte

Sukey Hildebrandt

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    I previously was really into fitness and I had a major injury to my knee and had two major surgeries then life got busy and next thing my clothes where tighter. I struggled a lot emotionally because of my injury took a lot of my physical activity away from me.

    I am continuing to make progress because of Wholly You Fitness individualized programming. I really enjoy how Katie takes the time to personalize the workouts to everyone’s individual abilities.

    Every week I noticed I am getting stronger and most importantly I feel much better about myself.

    My current goal is to maintain my current workout schedule, my approach to healthier eating and better life style.


    What would I say to someone who’s on the fence about working with Wholly You Fitness?

    DO IT!!!!

    Sukey Hildebrandt