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    Testimonial Picture of Rocio Rodriguez (2)

    I have struggled with weigh-loss post pregnancy and constantly struggle to stay consistent. I am doing better, using the app and seeing the workout demos help me keep track of what I am doing and motivates me to mark off every rep I complete.

    Yes, I am scheduling “me” time to make sure I get my workout in. Having two kids and working full time can make it easy to forget that mom needs some “me time” too.

    My current goals are to stay active 3-4 times per week, drink water, and to make healthier food choices.

    Wholly Fitness is a great place to be if you would like trainers that genuinely care about you and your goals. The app makes it that much more accessible and easy to navigate because everything can be tailored to you. Wholly Fitness is not just fitness it’s a tribe, a supportive one!

    Rocio Rodriguez