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Are Beans KETO Friendly?

Keto has become one of the latest weight loss crazes that actually works. It requires paying close attention to the number of carbs you consume, so most people opt for more protein in their diet in the form of meat. There are lots of reasons for wanting to add beans to the diet that range from affordability to making meals more interesting. They’re nutritious and a good source of plant protein. However, beans are also higher in carbs. Not all beans are the same when it comes to carbs.

There are many healthy benefits from beans.

If you watch westerns or tales of early settlers traveling by wagon train, you’ll notice that many meals contain beans. They are not only foods used in the old west, but also hundreds of years before throughout history. They’re plentiful and the most common ingredient from the past. Beans are nutritious, not only do they contain protein, they have vitamin A, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, folate, iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and potassium. That’s a very broad list of nutrients.

Not all beans are the same when it comes to a keto diet.

Beans are high in carbohydrates, making it more difficult to insert into a keto diet and still have carbs left for other foods. You have to plan more carefully than you would if you ate a steak. To make it even more difficult, not all beans are the same when it comes to the carbs or calories they contain. White kidney beans, for instance, are high in both calories and carbs, with just a ½ cup containing 16 grams of net carbs and 124 calories. However, their dark red counterpart, dark red kidney beans, have just 109 calories per cup and 11 grams of carbs.

Which beans are better for keto diets?

The best type of beans for a keto diet are black soybeans. They’re creamier and sweeter than their yellow counterparts. They have a high protein count, lots of fiber, iron and calcium. Since soybeans are normally lower in carbohydrates, these make a good option. Most of these are used in veggie burgers, but can be made into tofu, added to salads or stews. For a half cup, they contain 120 calories, but just one gram of net carbs.

  • Pinto beans, like white kidney beans and the highest in carbs and don’t make a good addition to a keto friendly diet.
  • While beans are an inexpensive source of protein and contain a lot of nutrients, they also can cause digestive upsets and may cause inflammation from the enzymes. Most people find that the more they eat beans, the fewer problems they have.
  • While the carb count is high in beans, people who consume a targeted keto diet may be able to include them more often. People using this type of diet are often athletes and people who get more than normal amounts of exercise.
  • Rather than trying to figure out the right type of diet for you, whether it’s keto or not, why not take advantage of our nutritional program where the diet is created for you. All you do is buy the food.

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