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Are There Specific Diets For Each Skin Type?

At Body Sculptors in Louisville, KY, we help you become your healthiest. That includes both your diet and an exercise program. Both of these are personalized just for you. Making adjustments in diets for each skin type further personalizes the meals. Diets can help you lose weight and build muscle. They can improve your overall health to make your body operate perfectly. Your skin is your biggest organ, so feeding it properly is important.

Learn what type of skin you have.

Slathering on the creams and apply magic lotions won’t help if you’re not healthy from within. That’s why the right diet is important. You need a clean face to identify your skin type. Wash it thoroughly and don’t follow up with any product. Wait for an hour or two. If it’s red, tight with flaky patches, it’s dry skin. If there’s oil in the T-zone, around the nose and above the brow, but dry everywhere else, it’s a combination. If you can place a tissue on your face anywhere it collects oil, with visible pores, then you have oily skin.

Hydrate dry skin by drinking more water.

While it’s not just dehydration or the lack of water causing dry skin, it’s one of the causes. Increasing the amount of juicy fruit in your diet, like oranges, grapes and water melon can also help by increasing the fluid and adding vitamin A and/or C. Add healthy oil to your diet with foods like avocado or salmon. Red bell peppers, broccoli and spinach also increase vitamin A and C. Avoid alcohol, sine it dries the skin and cut out caffeine.

Oily skin doesn’t mean you have to eliminate oils.

Oil isn’t always the cause of oily skin. Healthy oil can actually provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Good choices are nuts, avocado, salmon and flaxseed. Cut out refined carbs, replacing them with whole grains. Cut out food with added sugar and keep fried food to a minimum or eliminate them completely. Red meat can be the enemy if you have oily skin, so reduce it significantly in your diet.

  • People with combination skin face the problems of both dry and oily skin. Eating healthy options from both types of diets can be beneficial, such as including healthy fats like salmon and nuts. Avoiding process carbs that cause inflammation is important.
  • Acne prone skin can be different from oily skin. It’s caused by inflammation and bacteria. Ensuring you have enough vitamin C and zinc in your diet is important. Citrus fruit is a source of C and pumpkin seeds can provide zinc.
  • As with all skin types, eliminating added sugar and unhealthy fat can be beneficial for the acne prone. So can eliminating most dairy, although Greek yogurt may actually help. Experiment, since everyone is different.
  • Dull skin can be caused by oxidation, so boosting antioxidants like lycopene helps. It’s found in tomatoes. Foods rich in collagen can help prevent wrinkles and you’ll get that from bone broth.

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