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Are You Ready To Chisel?

If you want to get chiseled in Louisville, KY, come to Body Sculptors/ Our personal trainers will help you do it. Getting chiseled takes more than building strong, impressive muscles. It also takes a healthy diet and often weight loss. After all, no matter how chiseled you are, if those muscles are covered with a layer of body fat, nobody will be able to see all your hard work. You have to ensure you eat enough to provide the nutrients for muscle building but still have a deficiency so you can burn fat.

Focus on your diet first.

Nutrition plays a big role in all fitness goals. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Don’t expect to have that chiseled beach-ready body if you’re sucking down fries and burgers. Building muscle tissue requires high-quality protein and adequate calories from other healthy foods. You have to eat enough so you aren’t burning muscle tissue and building it instead, but also cut back enough to burn body fat so you can see your new muscles. When you build muscle, the muscle gets micro tears. Those need the energy to heal to get the results you want.

It takes the right type of exercise.

If you want a chiseled look, don’t overdo the cardio. To be fit, you need all types of exercise: strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance, but cut back slightly on cardio and increase strength-building workouts. Cardio burns calories from both muscle and fat. Strength-building builds muscle tissue as it burns fat. If your diet is calorie-deficit, it reduces the glycogen available for muscle building. Don’t train more than three times a week. It helps you maintain your muscles while you shed pounds. Once the weight is off, you can focus on building them.

Core training is essential for that V-chiseled look.

Working your core muscles builds back and abdominal strength. That helps you achieve those washboard abs and the V appearance. You need to also work on upper body strength, focusing on definition and bulk. Everyone is unique, so our trainers will provide the right program for you. Some exercises used include traditional ones like planks, bridges, push-ups, and lunges.

  • You can merge your strength-building with your cardio workout by making it a HIIT workout. You don’t have to workout as long for the same results and you get both cardio and strength-building.
  • Expect your trainer to continually modify your continuously. You’ll work your muscles on all planes and not give your muscles a chance to get efficient and burn fewer calories.
  • Have all macronutrients in your diet, including healthy fat. Healthy fat provides energy and is necessary to create hormones and keep blood glucose in check. It also allows the body to absorb certain nutrients.
  • Talk to a trainer and explain your goal. You’ll have a dietary regimen and workout program designed specifically to meet it based on your present fitness level and special needs.

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