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Balancing Work And Health

America is a nation of workers and many take pride in how hard they work. However, balancing work and health is important. Some people think it’s selfish to take care of themselves. It’s not. In fact, it’s selfish not to take care of yourself. If your job is taking over your life and you don’t have time to do the things that make you healthy, one day it will all catch up with you. Then the stresses of work and lack of self-care will catch up. Not only will you have to miss work, you’ll have to have someone else take care of you.

Studies show that if you aren’t taking care of yourself, your work performance declines.

You have to make the time to exercise. It’s amazing that you’ll have time when it’s part of your schedule. While it might feel odd to tell a client you can’t meet them at one, but you’ll be available at 2:30, you’ll find most people accept that. They don’t know you’re working out at one and probably will never ask. Exercise, especially if your day is stressful, can burn off the hormones created by that stress. It can help you think clearer and improve your mood, so you’ll be more optimistic and that can reap big dividends.

When you increase your fitness, you also boost your brain power and endurance.

You’ll not only work faster, you’ll work smarter when you’re fit and functioning at peak performance. You’ll have more endurance and that means more energy to function at your best longer. The exercise increases your circulation to send nutrient laden and oxygen-rich blood to the brain to protect and increase brain cells. Studies show that a program of regular exercise improves cognitive functioning.

It takes more than just exercise to be your best.

Eating healthy is important, too. Some foods boost your brain functioning and can prevent inflammation that can damage all areas of the body from your cardiovascular system to your nervous system and brain. Not only does junk food add extra calories, which causes obesity—the leading cause of preventable deaths, but it robs the body of much-needed nutrition, spikes blood sugar levels and lead to serious health conditions. Try meal prepping for a month. You’ll probably find you feel better and enjoy your meals more.

  • Learn to relax. Whether you learn meditation, deep breathing or have a hobby or interest that lets you relax, getting away from the stress is important. Smiling and laughing can also benefit your health.
  • Take charge of your life. It’s hard to say no, but sometimes you need to do it. If you’re constantly asked to go above and beyond at work, it’s time to set limits. You need time for you.
  • People often brag about how little sleep they get and how many hours they work. Unfortunately, if you do that, you’re only hurting yourself. When you get adequate sleep, you’ll think clearer, get more done and be doing your body a favor.
  • For those that sit in front of a computer all day, taking a five-minute break every hour can improve your health. Get up, walk around and stretch your muscles. Get your circulation going. Sitting longer than an hour impacts your health negatively.

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