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Calming Herb And Spices To Fight Anxiety

Anxiety, being uptight and suffering from stress occurs everywhere, not just Louisville, KY. You don’t have to run to a physician to get a prescription or take an over the counter medication to help you relax. There are lots of natural ways to get rid of that anxious feeling. Exercise is one of those ways to burn off stress hormones. A good night’s sleep is another. For those occasional times, using calming herb and spices can also help to fight anxiety.

Try a cup of chamomile tea.

Since ancient Greece, chamomile has been a source of help for relaxation. It has a calming effect and studies show that it’s the phenolics, like flavonoids, phenolic acids, quinones and several other phytochemical antioxidants that not only help you sleep and relax, but also aid in anxiety relief. Studies of chamomile also found that it can reduce stress related headaches and loss of appetite. One study showed that chamomile demonstrated a reduction of cortisol, a marker of stress. Use the flowers of chamomile to make the tea.

That delicious scent of lavender is what you need for a relaxing moment.

This is another herb that’s been used for its calming effects for centuries. While you can make lavender, using it as part of aromatherapy, or as a massage oil brings the best results. It does more than just calm you and relieve your anxiety. It can make you feel more positive, too. Some people put a drop or two of the oil on a small cloth and lay it on their pillow when they sleep. It reduces the level of cortisol. In fact, when compared in a drug study to an anti-anxiety drug, lorazepam, it was as effective for persistent anxiety.

Ginger is yummy, makes a great tea and also helps you become more mellow.

If you’ve ever consumed ginger tea for stomach problems, you may have also experienced how relaxed it made you feel. The Gingerol, which is an antioxidant, lowers the stress hormones in the body. It’s one reason it’s often just what you need when your stomach is in knots or upset. If you’re under stress, your digestive system slows. There’s less stomach acid and movement of food through the stomach and the intestines. Ginger helps that by boosting the production of stomach acid that’s slowed by stress. Add fresh ginger to your cooking or chop it up and pour water over it for tea. You can also buy ginger tea bags.

  • Sprinkle on some turmeric for not only stress reduction and improved mood, but improved heart and brain health. It just takes ¼ teaspoon a day to make a difference.
  • That heavenly smelling basil may help you improve your brain and overall cognitive functioning, but it’s also good for stress. There are a number of different types of basil, which include a variety of flavors from lemon to cinnamon. Holy basil is usually considered the most medicinal.
  • Lemon balm is an easy to grow herb that adds the flavor of lemon. You can use it in cooking, and it goes well with pork and fish. To get the relaxing effect, create a tea or use it in aromatherapy.
  • Nutmeg is another relaxing spice that’s mentioned frequently in folk medicine for its ability to help you relax. It contains myricetin and elemicin to do that, while also boosting the creation of mood improving serotonin and dopamine. In the case of nutmeg, adding just a pinch to your food can help.

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