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Can I Do an Ab Workout Standing Up?

AT Body Sculptors in Louisville, KY, we help you achieve your goals. Getting great looking abs is usually one of those on everyone’s list. Not only do we provide an ab workout you can do standing up, we actually recommend part of your training be on those types of ab exercises. After all, it’s how the world will see you most of the time, so it mimics your everyday movements. Standing ab exercises also work the major muscles of the hip flexors and the obliques. They help you improve your range of motion and work all the ab muscles.

You’ll give your core muscles a workout with standing ab exercises.

Not only will you get the benefits of regular mat exercises, you’ll get other benefits, too. Standing ab exercises strengthen your core muscles. They add gravity to the mix, so they increase the difficulty, while also improving your balance and posture. They train you to stand tall doing daily activities as it builds back, ab and core muscles in the process. Best of all, standing ab exercises can be done anywhere, like hotel rooms or places where you don’t want to lay on the floor.

If you’ve done a bicycle exercise laying down, the standing form should be easy.

The two exercises are similar, but the standing one requires balance. Start with your feet together and your knees slightly bent. Put your hands behind your head and lift your right heel. Hold your abs tight as you lift the right knee up as high as possible, while you rotate your shoulders toward your knee, touching the left elbow to the knee if you can. Put that foot back on the floor and repeat. Then do the other side.

A standing pike crunch can work wonders on your abs.

This one works your hip flexors and also your core. Stand with feet together then raise your hands over your head as you raise one foot in front of you. Lower your arms as you try to touch your foot, then slowly lower the foot back down to the ground, while you raise your arms back in the air. Going slowly makes it more difficult, but also works the abs more. Make sure the motion is controlled. It may take you a while to do that. Keep repeating the motion of touching your toes and raising back to upright position as you lower your leg, then work the other leg.

  • Standing ab workouts are superior to ones laying down if you have a neck injury or find it difficult to get up and down due to back or knee injuries.
  • You can use those few minutes at work to get an ab workout. Do a plank. Not on the floor, do a desk plank. Lean forward putting your hands on your desk and keeping your legs and body straight. Hold.
  • Another easy exercise to do anywhere and sprinkle throughout the day is a side twist. Twist to the left as far as you can go, then twist to the right. You can do it in a chair, but put your hands behind your head when you do.
  • If you have a physical limitation that requires limiting mat exercises, or simply want standing ab exercises you can do on the go, our personal trainers will be happy to create an entire workout for you.

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