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Changes To Improve Your Energy

There’s a lot of ways to improve your energy level that help maintain a high level. While some people automatically reach for a sugary treat, it may help for a short time, but it won’t take long and you’ll be right back to dragging around, trying to stay awake. Instead of grabbing a sugary treat, try a bottle of water to give yourself a boost. Sometimes, even mild dehydration can drain you of energy, which is often why coffee doesn’t do the trick—it dehydrates you. Water also can be helpful if you think you’re hungry. Often the body confuses the messages and sends a signal of hunger when you’re really thirsty. At those times, you’ll often find yourself craving watermelon, sodas or other foods that are filled with fluid.

Get daily exercise.

Of course, you should expect that to be on the list. I constantly tell people how much working out regularly boosts your energy level. You can get some instant help if you’re tired at work where a pushup is really inappropriate. Take a brisk walk up and down the stairs. For those with a private area, deep knee bends, jumping jacks without the jumping and even doing windmills can boost your circulation and get you back on track to feel great.

Eat healthy.

Yes, we already covered snacking on sweets, but you should consider cutting out sugary foods at every meal. Making sure you have adequate proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates will provide energy throughout the day. You’ll also improve your health, which means another boost of energy and keep off extra pounds. If you’re overweight, that’s important. Being just ten pounds overweight is like carrying a ten pound weight everywhere. That certainly can sap your energy reserves. Make sure you don’t restrict your caloric intake too much. It saps you of energy and can be counterproductive for weight loss.

The no brainer is to get more sleep.

In our country, people pride themselves on burning the candle at both ends, working long hours and basically abusing themselves to achieve their work goal. In truth, it may actually harm them and impede their progress. Lack of sleep affects everything. It negatively impacts your energy level, weight loss efforts and cognitive functioning.

  • When you sleep, make sure the room is dark and you have all electronic devices turned off. You’ll get the most benefits from your sleep that way.
  • Build a social network or stay connected with the one you have. Socializing will help get you moving even when staying in bed or watching television would otherwise be your endeavor.
  • Move more. Park further from the store, take the stairs or make an effort to get up and walk for a few minutes every hour. It keeps your circulation going and boosts your energy level.
  • If your energy level is low and you’re doing everything right, get a checkup. Sometimes, feeling dragged out is a sign that something is wrong.

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