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Commit To Get Fit Before You Feast

If you want to start your new year right, start now. Many of my newer clients in Louisville, KY, decided to commit to get fit before the big holiday meals. Not only does it help prevent weight gain, it actually makes them more aware of what foods they really enjoy. Rather than filling their plate with dressing and gravy, they might choose more lean turkey and vegetables, deciding the dressing and gravy wasn’t that important. That doesn’t mean that if you love dressing and gravy that you can’t have any if you commit. Just don’t make an entire meal of it and make sure to enjoy every minute of eating it.

Once you commit, you also commit to making smarter choices.

Healthy eating doesn’t mean you give up everything, but it does mean that you eat with some forethought. You make decisions based on taste, nutrition and calorie count. If you can get the same taste with more nutrition and fewer calories, all the better. For example, using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream on a baked potato will give you that.

Mindful eating and savoring each bite is important.

The phrase, “stuffing your face,” isn’t just an expression. It actually occurs and most frequently occurs during the holidays. Do you find yourself eating just because the food is there, even though you’ve eaten so much you’re actually uncomfortable. Maybe it’s time to do some mindful eating and the holidays provide the perfect opportunity. There are all types of food, so some of them will be your favorites and you can take the time to truly taste them and enjoy them. Eat slowly and enjoy the flavor in your mouth.

There’s nothing wrong with feasting occasionally.

If you’re working out regularly, you need a supply of healthy food to keep you going. Weight loss occurs when you eat fewer calories than you burn, but that doesn’t mean you need to starve. In fact, a super low calorie diet is actually counterproductive. It can lower your metabolism, making shedding pounds more difficult. Your body goes into starvation mode where it tries to save calories for important functions. You’ll also find that working out doesn’t go as well as it does when you have the energy to burn. Feasting occasionally can keep your metabolic fires burning and give you the energy you need.

You can feast and still eat healthy. Start your meal with more vegetables and choose ones that aren’t starchy, such as potatoes. A big salad before your meal can also help reduce your appetite.

Dessert is the hardest to pass on, but you don’t have to do that. Split a dessert with another family member or only eat half. Just taking a bite and savoring it can give you the pleasure without all the calories.

Learn portion control. You’ll be surprised at how portion control can help you keep your calorie count lower while you still get to enjoy all the food you love.

At Body Sculptors, we can help you with a nutritional plan that will teach you how to feast without consuming tons of calories. It’s all about making smarter choices.

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