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Do You Need A Recharge?

There are two reasons to take a break, you either are over-exercising or in other words, just plain burned out. Either way, you need a recharge so you get the maximum benefit in the gym. If you’re over-exercising/burned out, you’re pushing yourself too much and not giving your body a time to heal. It’s actually a physical condition that often occurs when people absolutely love exercise or those who want to reach a goal faster and think putting in even more time will do it. For those that are simply burned out

Here are some of the things that cause burnout.

Are you giving your body a chance to heal by ensuring you have a day between tough workouts? If you’re doing heavy-duty strength training, consider only doing that type of training one or two days a week. Otherwise, working out every other day or three days a week is correct. Working out longer isn’t necessarily good, either. That’s especially true if you’re doing high-intensity workouts.

You might be having a mental burnout if you’ve done the same workout for a long time.

Burn out can occur from boredom, which makes it more mental than physical. If you’ve been working out with the same routine for longer than six months, it’s time to make some changes. That’s far too long. Not only is it boring, your body become more efficient at the movements so you won’t benefit as much. If you hate your workout, you’ll make yourself more susceptible to burnout. There’s so many great ways to workout, you should never have to do anything you hate.

If you recognize these symptoms, it may be time to take a break.

Are you feeling tired after a workout rather than energized? You could be facing burnout. Are you moody and irritable without provocation? If your body isn’t give time to recoup, you’ll feel fatigued and it can cause irritability. Getting too much sleep or too little is another sign it’s time to take a break, so is the feeling that your legs are dead weights. An impaired immune system and tendency to get sick a lot is another. So is getting sore for several days in a row. Most of all, feeling unmotivated in all areas in your life may come from working out too much.

  • Taking a break doesn’t mean you quit exercising. It means to switch up your exercise for a week or two to something less strenuous or completely different, like rock climbing or just taking long walks.
  • Know that you need to have a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and spirit. Taking time to learn meditation techniques or making time to take a walk in nature on your day off from working out can be quite renewing. Work to create a balance.
  • Switch your workout frequently and include other types of exercise. You won’t get bored if you’re not doing the same thing repeatedly.
  • Create a goal and a plan to achieve it that’s right for your level of fitness an needs. Follow the plan and don’t overwork. At Body Sculptors, we create a plan for you and make sure you’re never bored. Contact us soon to see just how much we have to offer.

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