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Does Your Workout Gear Matter

Does your workout gear matter? If you don’t have the funds for those “spectacular” workout clothes or don’t want to spend the money, since you’re planning on shedding lots of weight and will have to buy new clothes. It shouldn’t stop you from going to the gym. Here in Louisville, KY, my clients dress in a number of different ways, but what they all have in common is that the clothing allows them to move easily. Whether it’s made from the latest fabric or your gym shorts from high school and a T-shirt, dressing in clothing that allows easy movement is top priority.

Wear clothes that are made of breathable fabric.

Breathable fabric allows the heat from your body to release. That can help keep you cooler longer and prevent cutting the workout shorter because of overheating. Having a workout outfit made of material that wicks the moisture away from your body also helps prevent excess heat and that drippy feeling you may well know that comes after a tough workout and lots of perspiration. Tops made from 100% cotton won’t cut it. The material absorbs sweat and holds it against your body, making you miserable. While cotton is breathable, sweat evaporates more slowly from it, so look for tops made of spandex, polyester blends, polypropylene or those specifically created to wick moisture away from your body, while allowing the material to breathe.

Good shoes can help your performance and prevent injuries.

If you’re running, the type of shoes you wear is top priority. Your feet and joints take a pounding and the right shoes can help prevent injury. For those that workout in the gym, finding the right type of shoe is also important particularly if you have high impact exercises. Blistering can keep you out of the gym for a couple of weeks, so ensuring they fit well is also a priority.

You can boost your recovery with the right type of clothing.

You see compression clothing more and more when you go to the gym. Many professional athletes are using it because there’s been more findings that it actually helps recovery and performance. Compression clothing was originally created for people with problems with their veins, but now it’s used to help during workouts to stimulate circulation and increase blood flow, which can help recovery by removing lactic acid. It can be used after working out by increasing direct pressure to the muscle for reducing inflammation and soreness. While the jury is still out on the benefits, there are no negatives to wearing this type of clothing so it may be worth a shot.

  • Wearing too short of shorts can cause chaffing, especially if you’re a runner. Stick to shorts that are mid-thigh to avoid it.
  • If you aren’t wearing material that gives and is supposed to be snug, make sure your clothing isn’t too tight. A tight cotton shirt can restrict movement and even make breathing more difficult.
  • Of course, you’ll feel more confident if you look great, but the gym isn’t a place for a fashion show, it’s a place to get fit. Never let your lack of the latest workout clothing stop you from going to the gym.
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on gym clothes. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may not wear them long. Instead, start saving for a great look in the size you WANT to be and use it as incentive.

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