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Exercises For Lower Back Pain

No matter where you live, Louisville, KY, or any other town or city, lower back pain can cause you to miss work and suffer from pain doing the simplest things. It’s hard to lift anything, move a few feet or do the simplest task. Even sleep alludes you when you suffer from this condition. Lower back pain can be caused by inactivity, prolonged sitting or simply turning the wrong way. Improving circulation in the area is imperative to recover. That’s why lower back pain exercises can help bring relief.

It’s easier to prevent back pain than to cure it.

If you’ve ever felt the pain from a back injury, you know how disabling it can be. If you’re prone to back pain, it’s better to start a regimen of back pain exercises before you have another problem, than to wait for it to arrive. Anyone with a sedentary job knows how stiff and achy the back can get. For those people, stretching frequently and moving at least five minutes of every hour is important. A standing extension stretch provides relief and a short break from sitting. Stand with feet at shoulders width, then put your hands at the top of the hips with the tips of the fingers in the small of the back. Lean backward, arching your back until you feel it stretch. Hold and return to starting position and then repeat several times.

If you feel your back pain begin, don’t head for the bed, head for the floor instead.

When lower back pain begins, stopping it as quickly as you can, is important. This quick exercise will help stretch the muscles and bring relief. You need a towel to do this. Lay on the floor holding a towel, one end in each hand. Put your feet flat on the floor, bending the knees. Create a loop with the towel and lift one leg, putting the sole of the foot in the loop. Gently pull the towel toward you, attempting to straighten your leg as you do, trying to make it perpendicular to your body. If you can’t, straighten it as much as you can. Lower your leg and do the other side.

Stay on your back on the floor for another exercise.

While you’re laying on your back, bring your knees straight up and put your hands above your head. Rock your knees from side to side to loosen your back and warm it up. Each time you rock, rock your legs a little further until you can lower your legs on each side without lifting your shoulders from the floor. Once you’ve touched your outer knee on the floor on one side, slowly go back to starting position and touch the outer knee of the other leg on the other side.

  • Muscle relaxers and pain medication used to be the treatment advised. The high increase in pain medication addiction and side effects have severely limited its use. Exercise not only brings relief, the only side effects are a healthier body.
  • Cat poses can relax your lower back. Get on your hands and knees. Arch your back like an angry cat with your head facing downward. Inhale, relax, exhale and drop your abdomen toward the floor as you lift your head, changing your body position from a convex curve to a concave one.
  • Simply pulling one knee at a time toward your chest can help bring relief. You keep the other leg extended as you do this stretch. Return to neutral position with both legs extended and do it on the other leg.
  • To avoid future problems, build stronger abdominal muscles and back muscles. When your abdominal muscles are strong, it helps remove the pressure from the back.

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