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Herbs That May Boost Your Energy And Focus

We’re here at Body Sculptors in Louisville, KY, to help you achieve your goals. Many people want to lose weight, almost everyone wants to feel and look their best, but did you know that regular exercise and a healthy diet can boost your energy and focus, too. When it comes to nutrition, the herbs and spices you add can also make a difference. Both herbs and spices do more than just add amazing flavor, they add nutritional benefits with little or no additional calories. That’s a win-win situation.

It may not be coincidence that sage means wise and is the name of an herb.

Sage has been used for centuries. In fact, its genus name, salvia, comes from the Latin word to heal. Sage has chemicals in it, such as rosmarinic acid, luteolin, quercetin, camphor and apigenin. Those may help increase cognitive abilities in adults and are definitely good for the brain. As a supplement to the diet, it increases alertness and improves memory and mood. Sage inhibits AchE—acetylcholinesterase—which affects the neurotransmitter acetylcholine by breaking it down. Acetylcholine is necessary for memory and attention.

Peppermint gives you fresh breath and helps your brain.

Whether it’s candy canes at Christmas, toothpaste or that refreshing soap for the shower, peppermint smell brings to mind a pleasant memory or vision of cleanliness. In fact, just inhaling peppermint can increase your alertness, energy and improve your mood. If you’re cramming for an exam or find you get the three o’clock droop at work, keep some peppermint oil on hand to sniff. You don’t have to consume peppermint to get the value, just put a little on your wrist or a handkerchief and sniff. The scent stimulates blood flow and the brain, which is a great combination. Putting a drop on your neck, temples or over your scientists can help relieve headaches.

Ginseng and gotu kola are both used as supplements.

Almost everyone has heard of how ginseng boosts your energy, but did you know it also improves brain function? The ginsenosides, ciwujianosides and eleuthero-sides are the compounds thought to give it that benefit. In a recent study, it was shown to improve physical performance and fight off fatigue. It’s probably best known for its promise of improved sexual functioning in men. Another herb from the East that’s been used in traditional medicine and often combined with ginseng is gotu kola. It also boosts brain functioning and improves alertness. One study that lasted just two months showed that of the 28 male participants, those who took doses of approximately 750 milligrams benefited the most and had improved memory, alertness and a better mood.

  • If you’re taking medication, always talk to your health professional if you’re introducing new herbs into your diet. Some herbs interact with medicine and cause side effects. It’s best to be safe than sorry.
  • Just like peppermint, smelling rosemary essential oil improves cognitive abilities. When you sniff it, it lets the terpenes in the rosemary oil directly affect the brain. Put rosemary oil in a diffuser in the office and watch improved output with fewer mistakes.
  • While it definitely doesn’t smell as good as peppermint, garlic can also boost your memory and cognitive functioning by bringing relief from fatigue.
  • Try some tea to boost your energy and brain. Green tea, licorice root tea, and black tea all boost your energy and provide clarity. However, one of the best picker-uppers can be as simple as a tall glass of water.

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