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How Important Is My Posture

Most people don’t start working out in our gym in Louisville, KY to improve their posture, it’s just one of those great side effects that comes with getting fit. That improved posture also has some benefits, besides making you look taller and thinner. However, looking taller and thinner is one of the things people notice most about my clients after a few weeks of working out. Standing taller pulls everything in and up, giving a thinner appearance almost instantly. It’s the same look people try to get by sucking in their stomach, which is extremely hard to maintain if you’re out of shape. .

Bad posture boosts your potential for cardiovascular ailments.

Your body was meant to walk, stand and sit in a specific manner that allows the blood to flow easily and uninterrupted. Just like a hose with a kink, bad posture can create blood vessel constriction that in turn can cause many problems like blood clots, aneurysms and even a constriction of blood vessels that affect the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body.

That acid reflux may not come from the spicy burrito burger you had right before bed.

Okay, it probably is, but there’s a lot more that can cause poor digestion and even acid reflux. One of the keys is posture. Posture compresses your stomach and digestive organs. You don’t process food correctly and if your posture is bad enough, may even force food back out. It can cause a number of issues from a few incidences with heartburn to full blown GERD. Studies show that if you sit in a specific position for 20 minutes, your body starts to conform to that position. If your inner organs aren’t aligned and everything is squished to non-functioning, that can lead to a chronic condition.

You probably already know that poor posture leads to back pain.

Did you know it can also cause disc degeneration and thinning? Yes, just like that hole in your sock when your foot constantly rubs in a certain way or the wear on shoes from an uneven gait, when your spine isn’t in alignment for long periods, there’s excess pressure that causes discs to thin and the cushioning to disappear. That leads to back pain.

  • If you have a headache, don’t blame it on your boss, it might come from poor posture. It can cause pinched nerves and even constrict blood flow. TMJ and headaches and tech neck come from chronic posture problems.
  • It may sound odd, but setting an egg timer for twenty minutes can remind you to get up from a seated position, stretch and improve your posture. Focusing on posture can improve your overall health.
  • If you want that flat stomach, look toward your posture. When your posture is good, it pulls the stomach in and stretches the trunk of your body. That makes your middle look thinner in the process.
  • Don’t wait until its time to go to the gym to work on your posture. Do it throughout the day. Make an effort to sit up straight with your shoulders back. Stretch periodically to relieve muscle stiffness.

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