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How To Find The Right Trainer

There’s a reason they’re called “personal” trainers. Trainers work specifically to create programs based on you, your needs, goals and present level of fitness. In Louisville, KY, we think we make it easy to find the right trainer by offering a week of free group training or a free personal training consultation. Finding the right trainer can make the difference between being successful and falling short of your goals. There are some things to look for in a trainer.

Personal trainers need to talk to you and ask a lot of questions.

If you want to create a program designed specifically for someone’s needs, goals and fitness level, you have to ask them questions. If a trainer doesn’t spend time learning about you, identifying your fitness level, learning about your dietary needs and even doing a fat analysis, maybe they’re not a personal trainer, but just a trainer who does cookie cutter programs. While everyone has similar needs, to get the best results, you need a program designed specifically for you.

Exercise isn’t enough.

Is weight loss your goal? You also need to change your eating habits. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. The same is true for building muscles or achieving other fitness goals. You need the raw material for your body to be healthiest, learning to eat healthier is the way to do it. It’s not a diet, but learning how to make smarter choices. Some of those choices can be as easy as choosing fruit over a candy bar, while others may be substituting brown rice for white rice to boost nutrition and save calories.

The workout program shouldn’t be static.

You make progress and get fitter as you workout and your workout program should reflect it. Good trainers not only track your progress, they constantly reevaluate your program to ensure you’re working your hardest. You’ll also get a variety of workouts to avoid plateauing. The body weight plateaus because your body becomes efficient at doing a specific workout and burns fewer calories. With a trainer, you’ll never be bored and always work toward maximum potential.

  • Good trainers spend time ensuring you know how to do each exercise right. Doing it improperly can cause injury or minimize the benefit.
  • Eating healthy is a lifestyle change that never ends. It doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to eat your favorite high calorie food, but will eat it less often, keeping portion control in mind.
  • Trainers ensure you work on all types of fitness, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. You need all types of fitness to be your healthiest.
  • A good trainer will help you create goals that are realistic and attainable. He or she will help you break them down to ones that can be achieved more quickly, to provide more motivation.

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