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How To Fit More Steps In Every Day

For most people, it isn’t about the type of exercise to do…it’s more about just getting some exercise. If you’re working out in the gym already, then you can add to your program by getting more steps daily. Walking or increasing the number of steps you take can be done by anyone of any age and any level of fitness, so it’s a perfect way to add more exercise to your life. Whether you actually monitor your steps or just find ways to increase your steps, never really tracking them, it can increase your fitness without a lot of effort.

Take two or three breaks in the day to do more walking.

You don’t have to walk a full hour or half hour to boost your exercise. Try ten minutes at a time several times a day. It all adds to your overall fitness. Every time you move briskly or move more than you did previously, you’re boosting your exercise time. Taking several quick five to ten minute walks throughout the day can increase your exercise time without a lot of effort.

You don’t have to walk any place in particular, just walk.

If you walk around the living room, it counts as a walk. Your body doesn’t differentiate whether you’re going someplace or simply meandering. That means you can walk during commercials when watching TV or if you’re binge-watching Hulu or Netflix, save some money and get the version with commercials so you can use that time to walk or exercise. If you’re at work, take a timer and set it for 55 minutes, then walk around the office for five, getting a cup of coffee, going to the bathroom or getting bottle water. It can help you work more efficiently.

Use every opportunity as an opportunity to move more.

Are you waiting in line at the grocery, pace side to side while you wait. Park further from the store and walk those extra steps, instead of wasting gas circling the area for a parking space. If you have the option of taking the steps or an elevator, do the steps. If it’s several floors, walk a few floors and take the elevator for the rest. Are you talking on the phone and just standing there? Pace while you talk or keep on moving. Be very aware of times when you could be moving, but choose to sit or stand in place instead and change that.

  • People movers at airports are a big convenience, but don’t just stand, walk. You’ll get some exercise and to your destination quicker.
  • Talk a walking lunch. Pack a brown bag lunch and walk a five to ten minutes, sit on a bench and eat your lunch. Then take a walk back to the office and you’ve added quite a few extra steps.
  • Alternate your speed when you walk and turn it into a HIIT workout. Walk as briskly as you can for a few minutes, then slow your pace to a recovery pace for just as long or longer and back to the brisk pace.
  • Keep your house cleaner while you increase your steps. Make the extra steps count and walk as you vacuum the floor more frequently, make sure everything is put away or even scrub the sink or tub.

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