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How To Stay Motivated As A Beginner

Most people start a workout program excited and determined. Little by little, they lose that excitement and eventually the skip their workout entirely. Before you know it, that one day of avoiding the gym turns to several and then, they’re right back where they started. It’s hard to stay motivated as a beginner and finding out your downfall and ways to avoid it can help.

Working out is hard and makes your body hurt.

This is one of the first reasons people quit workout programs. It really isn’t natural to make yourself work harder. Even worse, your body sometimes hurts a bit. Let’s start by finding ways to avoid this problem. Don’t overdo it to the point that you’re in real pain. Start slowly. Sure you’ll have some sore muscles, but it’s a good kind of sore that says you’ve accomplished something, not the type of soreness where you can’t walk. Stay hydrated and do both warm up and cool down exercises.

Progress is often slower than you’d like.

Even if you make great strides in your progress, it’s still pretty slow for most people. You won’t see a difference the first few weeks, which can drain you of enthusiasm. You may feel different, so focus on that to help keep you going. Start by taking a snapshot once a month. Wear the same outfit and stand in the same spot so you have the same perspective. Track your progress in the gym and see how much you’ve improved from your first few days.

Sometimes, you get too busy to come to the gym.

This is one of those reasons that I hear quite often, “I was just too busy to come last week.” That’s why I always suggest people schedule an appointment in their own time management program. Don’t let the decision depend on whether you have extra time or not. Coming at the same time every day will turn your workout into a habit, and we all know habits are hard to break. Working with a trainer is also a benefit, since you have an actual appointment and someone is holding you accountable.

  • Change your mindset. Find something positive every time you workout. Maybe you felt less stressed afterward or even felt fabulous. Maybe you noticed you have more energy throughout the day. Find a positive and focus on that.
  • Set a big goal and break it down to smaller goals that are easier to achieve. If you have to lose 40 pounds, focus on two pounds a week. You’ll get to experience success quicker and success is motivating.
  • Workout with a friend. If you don’t have a personal trainer, workout with a friend. Just like the trainer holds you accountable and is depending on you to show up, so is your workout buddy.
  • Celebrate the small successes. While it’s impressive to do several one armed push-ups, choosing a piece of fruit as a snack instead of a candy bar is also impressive. Give yourself a pat on the back for the small successes along the way.

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