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How To Stay Physically And Mentally Healthy When You’re Stuck At Home

When time was available, did you find that you didn’t get all those things done you thought you would if you just had a little more time? It’s been the same experience for most people that I’ve talked to recently. They found that it was just as hard to stay physically and mentally healthy when you’re stuck at home, as it is when you’re busy with work and running everywhere. Most people give tips on how to make time, but ignore the fact that too much time leaves us all open to procrastinating. It all starts by taking the first step toward a healthy lifestyle. We have provided online help to make it easier.

Start with a healthy diet.

A healthy diet is at the core of getting fit, building your immune system and losing weight. If you’ve read recent statistics, you know that obesity is the leading cause of preventable deaths. It’s not always easy to know what’s healthy and what’s not. Of course, everyone knows that eating the sugar in candy bars isn’t good for you, but fail to understand how sugar is in so many of our processed foods. We have created healthy menus based on what you told us, your goals and your personal taste. You just buy the food.

Get a workout program designed exclusively for you.

We offer online training that’s personalized, but you can get extra exercise without it, even if you’re stuck at home. I feel so strongly that everyone should be their fittest, I don’t care if you use our program or something else. I just want you to start something. If you’re completely out of shape, get up and move. Climb stairs. Go for walks…even if it’s just walking around the house. Throughout the day, take a minute or two and do windmills with your arms or lunges. It all starts with increasing your movement. I want everyone to move more and do recommend our easy to follow exercise programs, but just using cans as weights, doing simple exercises and being aware of moving more is important.

The key is not to overdo and knowing that everything you do counts.

If you get winded just walking down the steps…that’s what you need to do more often. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits, especially when you’re first working out or putting more emphasis on moving. There is no best way to start…you just have to take the first step. Many people find that scheduling a specific time and making a workout an appointment is a big help. Create a way to track your workout, noting how much you did each day. Winners keep score.

  • You won’t be stuck at home forever. While you have time, you can make meals ahead and freeze them for later just by doubling the recipe. They’re great for those busy days when you’re out and about. They’ll be ready to heat and eat.
  • If you’re not fit enough to workout for an extended period, break up your workout to ten minute sessions. If you do three ten minute sessions each day, you’ll soon be able to workout longer and combine them to two and then one workout.
  • Do something good for yourself or others and get exercise in the process. Deep cleaning can be exhausting, which is one reason it’s also good exercise. Cleaning out closets can be, too, but you can also help others by donating items to help those in need.
  • Your mental health affects your physical health. Stay positive. Have an attitude of gratitude for everything you have. Spend a few minutes each morning to appreciate all you’ve been given and you’ll start your day off right.

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