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Let Your New Fitness Journey Begin

How do you begin a fitness journey? By putting one foot in front of the other and getting started. Some people hate to plan and go forward, eventually stopping either for good or to reevaluate. Others spend all their time planning but never follow through. Either way, you won’t make the advancements of someone who sets goals and immediately sets them in progress. Getting fit starts with an idea. To make it work, it takes consistent effort.

Keep your reason for your goal in front of you at all times.

Whether it’s working out regularly or eating healthier, keep your goal out in front. That means making sticky notes to put on the refrigerator and cupboards, or a reminder on your phone to exercise. If you haven’t clearly defined your goal, created a way to measure it, and reach it, knowing your reason for your goal is imperative. If you want to lower your blood pressure with exercise, your measurement is your blood pressure, just as your weight is for weight loss.

Start by doing what you can.

If you can’t do an entire workout, do what you can. One man was so severely obese that doctors told him he would die if he didn’t lose weight. He couldn’t run a block but could walk to the corner. Eventually, he could walk several blocks and then run. He lost the excess weight and is now running marathons. He did what he could. To start eating healthier, focus on giving up food with added sugar first. Once you accomplish that for an extended period, it will be easier to eat healthier. You’ll be amazed at how sweet natural fruit tastes.

Hold yourself accountable and don’t quit if you fall off the wagon.

Track your progress and hold yourself accountable for sticking with your goals. Permit yourself a few slip-ups or intentional breeches, like having a small amount of your favorite pie that your aunt makes for family gatherings. If you fall off track, all is not lost. Don’t compound the problem by eating everything in sight or giving up exercise entirely. Start fresh the next day.

  • Getting fit is all about consistency. Put your workout in your schedule as an appointment and treat it like any other appointment. Meal plan to ensure you have healthy meals ready to eat.
  • Find ways to move more. Besides a regular workout, finding ways to move more is imperative. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Park further from the store and walk.
  • Keep score. Track your progress every day. Write down your workout and how difficult or easy it was. When it’s too easy, change your workout to become more challenging.
  • Always warm up or cool down when you exercise. Stay hydrated and sip on water throughout exercise. Get adequate sleep to ensure your journey is easier. Lack of sleep increases the hunger hormone.

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