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Machines Vs Free Weights

You get the benefits of using both machines and free weights at Body Sculptors. Both provide the benefits of building strength that benefits your body in many ways, including building stronger bones and attaining a healthy weight. If you’re choosing just one, here are some pros and cons for each. For most people, using both to achieve your goals is beneficial. A lot depends on your goals and your fitness level. For beginners, machines make it easier to have proper form. That reduces the potential for injury. For those more advanced, free weights provide more variety and allow you to work muscles on several planes.

You work some more muscle groups with free weights.

You can target a specific muscle group with both machines and free weights. However, because you use them differently, with free weights, you’ll work additional muscle groups. For instance, both free weights and a shoulder press machine do the trick to build shoulder muscles. However, free weights also work the triceps, core, and trapezoids to help keep the body stabilized.

Free weights provide the same type of benefits.

You have to go lighter and slower initially when you use free weights to ensure you have the proper form. With the machines, the correct form is almost built into it and difficult not to achieve. The machine is fixed, so you don’t have to stabilize your body. That allows you to lift more weight using the machine. Free weights turn your workout into a full-body workout. You’ll work some muscles you wouldn’t on a machine.

Use both free weights and machines.

You can pinpoint muscles with laser accuracy when you use machines. Every ounce of effort goes into building a specific muscle group. It’s easy to do so beginners can start to lift heavier weights quicker. Machines can also help you move more easily to free weights. You’ll learn the body’s correct position and form, making the transition a breeze.

  • Using machines and free weights together makes the most sense. Since you work several muscle groups with free weights, you can isolate a specific muscle without overworking it when you use machines.
  • Machines are helpful as a supplement for those who are more advanced. On the other hand, free weights can be a good supplement for beginners who primarily use machines.
  • To be effective, you have to make sure you adjust the machine to fit you properly. Not everyone is the same height, has the same grip width, or requires the same amount of weight. Take the time to adjust the machine for your needs.
  • One big difference between free weights and machines is the need to be more careful about how much weight you lift with free weights. The machine has a backup if you go too heavy, which free weights don’t offer.

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