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Natural Ways To Fight Aging

Most people in Louisville, KY, understand that getting older is natural and desirable. It means you lived another year, month, or day. Aging is quite different. Aging affects the cells, causing physical changes that range from wrinkling to conditions like heart disease or dementia. The harder you fight aging, the higher the probability you’ll live longer and get older. Genetics plays a vital role in how you age, but you can control many forces that promote aging. Here are some ideas to help control both mental and physical aging.

It starts with a healthy diet.

Some people are lucky. No matter what they eat, they don’t gain weight and stay healthy and youthful. You may only see the unhealthy part of their diet. Most of it may be nutritious. Another possibility is they have superior genetics. Choosing whole foods over highly processed food is one way to make a difference. It helps control weight, reduces inflammation, and reduces artery-clogging trans fats. A healthy diet can reduce cognitive aging and help prevent atherosclerosis which can clog the blood flow to the brain.

Stay active.

While a program of regular exercise is desirable, just staying active can help. If you walk frequently, keep your walk as brisk as possible. It increases your heart rate and improves circulation. Walking briskly for an hour three times a week helps lower blood pressure. It boosts cognitive skills. One study followed four groups of people. Two of the groups had the e4 gene associated with the development of Alzheimer’s. Two groups did not have the gene. One group with and one without the gene exercised regularly for 18 months. The other two groups did not change their lifestyle. The group with the e4 gene that didn’t exercise had significant changes in the hippocampus that signaled early onset Alzheimer’s.

Get adequate sound sleep.

Not only do you need to get enough sleep, but your sleep cycle should also be uninterrupted and go through every sleep stage. Lack of sleep can cause heart issues and affect all body parts. Your sleep position also has an effect. If you’re right-handed you’re programmed to sleep on your left side. It leaves your right hand free to protect yourself. Sleeping on your side also helps the brain clear itself of waste and reduces the risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. When you sleep on your side, you’ll lower the risk of sleep apnea or snoring.

  • Get out in the sun. Studies indicate that a large portion of society has a vitamin D deficiency. Studies showed that people who are obese, had severe cases of Covid, or have dementia have vitamin D deficiencies.
  • Develop a social life and smile more. People who smile and laugh more frequently are healthier. Those with a healthy social life live longer.
  • Find your life’s purpose. If you’re at retirement age, don’t retire if you love your job if that’s possible. Develop a new hobby that makes you feel useful and create goals. Having a purpose in life prevents aging.
  • Learn ways to lower stress. Meditation, mindfulness, earthing, and breathing techniques can all reduce stress. Learn a technique you can use anywhere.

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