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Personal Training For People On The Go

If you’ve tried to schedule time at the gym and found it is almost impossible to fit into your schedule or you simply can’t get out of the house to do it, you need to consider the type of personal training for people on the go that works with your hours and situation. Even the best laid plans and scheduled times are sometimes difficult to keep, when it happens consistently, going back to the drawing board and creating another option is probably the best way to handle the situation.

Have the personal trainer come to you.

The gym might not be the best location for you, It might be far enough away that just driving there and home takes more time than the workout. You might be a new mother who isn’t ready to leave the baby in another’s care or a seasoned parent that doesn’t have a reliable sitter that can be there at a specific time. In cases like this, consider having the trainer come to your home. Seriously, for the $15 extra for an hour long session, you’ll probably save money over what it costs for a baby sitter and gas, especially if you have a longer drive.

Make it a couple’s time or workout with a work friend.

If you have access to an open area where you work, consider the option of having a trainer come to you. You can make it even more cost effective by working out with a friend on your lunch hour. It’s just another $15 extra to add a friend and that reduces the cost for both of you. You and your significant other can make it a date night without the hassle of having to go out to the gym. Best of all, it’s far more fun to workout with someone else and there’s more motivation to continue when you workout with a friend. When we come to you, there’s no decision whether you’ll go to the gym.

Consider online training if you’re on the fly.

We are more and more technologically driven, even with fitness. There are apps for everything and now you can even have access to a personalized workout program online. Just imagine, you’re carrying your personal trainer with you continuously, so failing to workout isn’t an option. Online training has a customized program, aid in learning how to eat healthier and a great deal of information to help you get fitter faster. Most of all, you work with a personal trainer, so you’re held accountable for your success. Unlike a workout video, you have someone that holds you accountable.

  • With all the options for securing training beyond the confines of the gym, the excuse that there’s no time is removed, so you’re more apt to be successful.
  • Some people, particularly those who travel, work with a personal trainer in the gym, but also have the trainer create workouts for them when they’re on the road. It’s a great blend of face time and away time.
  • Online training is not only easily accessible and convenient, it’s also budget friendly. If you’ve always wanted to work with a personal trainer, but were on a limited budget, it’s a great way to get started.
  • No matter what option you choose for training, always make sure you find a program that includes both a nutritional plan and workout plan.

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