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Say Goodbye To Love Handles

If you’re out of shape, you face problems like beer belly, love handles, bat wings and thunder thighs. Those are just a few of the terms clients use to explain what they want to improve. We’ll help you lose those all those things and replace them with a fit, toned body at Body Sculptors in Louisville, KY. Let’s focus on one, love handles. What are love handles? It’s nothing more than the accumulation of fat around the waist. It can occur from many causes, including lack of sleep, but it all boils down to too many calories and not enough exercise.

Besides making clothing fit poorly, love handles cause other problems.

Fat accumulating around the waist can be of two types. The first is subcutaneous fat, which is fat just below the surface of the skin and easier to lose. The second is visceral fat, the most dangerous type of fat that is deep inside and wraps around the organs. Love handles can include both types of fat. It can cause high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, cancer, liver disease, type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis. If you take steps to get rid of love handles, you will also reduce the risk of those diseases.

You need to focus on exercises that work the muscles of the abs, hips and back.

While you need a total body workout, if you want to target love handles, add an extra session on exercises that work the muscles in that area. Losing weight all over your body and tightening the muscles in both the front and back of your waist help. To lose weight, include strength building in your diet. Strengthen the back and abs with planks, push-ups and mountain climbers.

You have to eat healthy and lose weight all over your body, too.

When you tighten muscles to lose the love handles, you’ll notice they’re toned better, but it won’t show if the fat’s still there. You need to lose weight. You can’t spot exercise weight away from a specific area. It comes off all parts of the body, even if you did spot exercises all day. Eating healthy is particularly important and focusing on healthy food choices that are nutritious.

  • Side planks, Russian crunches and twists are also excellent for getting rid of love handles. A side plank is similar to a plank, but you hold your body on its side and hold it up with just one hand, raising the other in the air.
  • If you’ve never tried a bridge, it’s not that hard, it’s not only good for eliminating love handles, it’s excellent for relieving back pain as well.
  • Always check with your health care professional first to make sure it’s safe to start a fitness program. In most cases, they’ll heartily approve. If you do have a health condition, let your personal trainer know.
  • At Body Sculptors, we’ll create a special workout program designed specifically for your needs, goals and level of fitness. We’ll also help you with personalized nutritional guidance.

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