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Switch Out That Junk Food For A Healthier Option

I’m proud of our online nutrition program. It makes it easier for people in Louisville, KY, to stick with a healthier eating program and eliminate junk food for a healthier option and also can be a source of healthier eating for people all over the world. Helping as many people as possible has always been a lifelong dream and now technology makes it possible and far more convenient for clients. The first step to becoming healthier and achieving your appropriate weight has always been a healthy diet, followed with a program of regular exercise.

Pass up the potato chips and opt for some almonds.

You may have a craving for candy or a taste for that salty crunch of a chip, but those won’t get you on the road to better health. Sugary treats, such as candy are especially difficult to kick, since sugar is addictive. It actually stimulates the same area of the brain as cocaine and triggers the release of dopamine, the happy hormone, which also occurs when you take opioids. Most people find that if they focus primarily on giving up sugar for the first few weeks, the rest of healthy eating is a piece of cake, or should I say a piece of fruit!

Start reading labels.

You’ll feel like you’re back in chem lab or getting a new additive for your car when you read the labels on some of your favorite junk foods. Preparation is the key if you’re serious about changing your eating habits. Create your own treats like trail mix, by purchasing bulk items such as nuts and seeds. You can even add a bit of dried fruit for the sugar. Treats you can make yourself include raw veggies and healthy dip or sliced fresh fruits with a bit of nut butter on the slices. Have them ready for those times you need something sweet or quick to satisfy your craving.

Do the two month test.

Most people will change their habit in about six to eight weeks, which also includes eating habits. If you do nothing else for that first eight weeks, find what you indulge in most and give it up, choosing healthier options instead. Most people give up sugar, including soft drinks or anything with added sugar like canned fruit or sweetened yogurt. You’ll be amazed at how you can start to taste the natural sweetness and even identify added sugar when you eat in restaurants. It’s everywhere, including places you might not expect, like in bread, sauces, soup or peanut butter.

  • Have fresh fruit washed and cut up, ready to eat for an any time in the day snack. You’ll be amazed at how quickly cut up watermelon and cantaloupe is eaten when you can grab a bite-size square of it out of a bowl.
  • Make your healthy meals with eye appeal. Bright colored vegetables on a platter that includes red, yellow and green pepper slices, carrots and celery has eye appeal. Include as many colors as possible for your fresh fruit and vegetable treats. Eye appeal is important.
  • Take the time to plan your weekly meals. Create a grocery list and shop all at one time, after you have eaten. Spend one day a week cooking for the whole week and make extra to freeze for the future. You’ll be less apt to stop for fast food. The Body Sculptors’ program provides recipes and meal plans.
  • Sometimes thirst is masked as hunger. Have a bottle of water ready when you feel hungry and see if that solves your desire. Say no to sugary drinks and yes to calorie free ones, like unsweetened green tea or water.

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