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Total Body Benefits Of Massage

Sure, a massage feels good, but there are also other body benefits of massage that can improve your functioning and health. After a tough workout, it can help to improve circulation and loosen tight muscles and tendons. That allows blood to circulate better and can whisk off the build up lactic acid in your muscle fiber. You’ll speed recovery time and have better pain management. Some athletes like their massage before a workout to warm muscle tissue and improve flexibility. Either way, a massage provides benefits.

A full body massage can help reduce pain.

Sometimes, the pain you feel is tough to identify. It may be referred pain, where one region is tight, but it affects another area. When you have a full body massage, it not only loosens the tight area, it works on the “trigger points” where referred pain begins. You can take pain medications to relieve pain, but you just block the pain and don’t address the source. A full body massage does focus on the original source and helps eliminate the pain entirely.

You can exercise to improve your range of motion or boost your exercise efforts with a massage.

If you’ve never focused on flexibility exercises, but just worked on strength, your likelihood of facing serious injuries is great. People who start exercising later in life find that they no longer have the range of motion or flexibility they require to exercise safely. Using exercises that boost their range of motion is a start, but adding massage to the mix can speed the results. The massage helps work the connective tissues, tendons, muscles and ligaments, just like exercise does. It also boosts the production of natural lubricants, too. If you’re just getting back to the gym or recovering from injury, massage can help you reach your goals faster.

While you’re working out to lose weight and lower blood pressure, let massage help you now.

Exercising and healthy eating is one way to lower blood pressure. However, to boost its power and get faster results, consider adding massage therapy to the mix. One study found in the peer review, Biological Research for Nursing shows that people who received a back massage three times a week lowered their blood pressure more than those who just spent that ten minutes relaxing.

  • You’ll boost your immunity with a massage. It stimulates the immune system and increases the number of lymphocytes, white blood cells that protect the body, while reducing cortisol and levels of cytokines, which are part of the process of inflammation.
  • You’ll eliminate toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system and soft tissues.
  • Massages help boost your mood and lift depression, while also energizing you and reducing anxiety.
  • A massage can help reduce pain, such as the pain from Fibromyalgia, headache and back pain. It can also reduce the pain of surgery and help you heal and get back on your feet faster.

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