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Try Eating Slower

If there were Olympic competition for how fast you could eat, would you win? In today‘s busy world, taking the time to truly enjoy a meal, rather than shuffling it down to get through, is rare. If you can eat a three course meal before your friends finish their salad, leave the table still feeling hungry or feel bloated a half hour after eating, maybe eating slower can help. Not only should you eat slower, you should savor each bite and become more aware of eating each time you put food in your mouth.

There are several ways to eat slower.

Whether you choose to savor every bite, take smaller bites or chew more thoroughly, they all help you slow down your eating. Focusing on each bite and savoring the flavor can help you enjoy the texture and pleasure you get from the food. Eating slower allows the food to get to your stomach and message the brain that you’re full so you’ll eat less and have fewer problems of feeling bloated after a meal.

Enjoying your food and savoring every bite also makes you more aware that you’re eating.

It may sound ridiculous, but too often, people eat without even realizing it. How many times have you passed a candy dish and grabbed a handful of candy without even thinking? Have you ever cleaned up dishes and mindlessly eaten that last bite of potatoes in the bowl or snacked on the food you were making for supper? When you focus on the food you eat you not only eat slower, you become more mindful and aware of all the times you eat without thinking.

Eating slower can change your attitude about food and help you lose weight.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the act of eating is associated with shame and it shouldn’t be. You should enjoy every bite you eat. Just make sure you’re really hungry and not eating out of boredom. You’ll be amazed at how much better that food tastes. You’ll cut out the guilt when you make peace with food and eat slower. You’ll also lose weight because you’ll eat less and find food far less emotionally charged.

  • It takes about twenty minutes before your body gets a message to the brain that you’re full, so eating slower lets that message arrive. It helps prevent that bloated feeling and you’ll leave the table feeling satisfied.
  • One study showed that when people ate mindfully, which promotes slower eating, they averaged a 26-pound weight loss over six months that was long-lasting.
  • Chew each bite thoroughly. Not only does chewing longer promote slower eating, it can aid digestion. Studies show that increasing the number of times you chewed each bite reduced food intake and promoted weight loss.
  • You’ll improve your digestion, absorb nutrients better, reduce mealtime stress and feel more in control when you eat slower. Chew more, take smaller bites and savor the flavor.

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