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 Walking The Most Underrated Fitness Tool

You might think of walking as a great way to see some of the beauty of Louisville or even something older people do in the mall for their fitness regimen. While both are true, walking should also be part of everyone’s workout program. It puts less stress on the knees, back and ankles and a good way for obese people to start working out. It’s good if you’re recovering from an injury and will help keep you in shape until you do.

Walking can be the first step to fitness.

There’s an inspiring story about a man that received a death sentence from his doctor because of his gross obesity. In fact, he could barely take a few steps because of his weight. He changed his future by walking. At first it was just a few steps. As he increased his movement, he started to lose weight. Eventually he made it to the corner, then around the block. Week by week he lost more weight and developed strength. Walking did this for him by burning calories and building strength. It can also risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and hypertension. It helps prevent osteoporosis and can boost your mood.

Walking is better than running in some cases.

Just like any exercise program, your level of fitness makes all the difference. For those out of shape, walking may be the very best exercise available. It can be at a pace that’s hard, but not incredibly uncomfortable. You can create an HIIT program with walking by varying your speed. Some studies show that walking may even be better for you than running when it comes to heart health. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology published a study that showed that people who walked on a regular basis were often healthier than people who ran regularly. That doesn’t mean you should stop running if you enjoy it, but don’t dismiss walking, either. Walking is easier on the ankles, knees and back, plus it’s better if someone is obese or overweight.

Do you feel too out of shape to go to the gym?

Yes, that does sound ridiculous, but often people feel that way. They don’t want to let anyone see how hard they struggle doing simple workouts. It’s a good way to start and build up strength and far superior to doing nothing and using the excuse you’re too out of shape. There are many health benefits to walking, but one of the most important is building your endurance. It provides a full body workout, especially when you swing your arms.

  • When you walk, a brisk pace is far better than a slow one for fitness, but you can set your own pace based on your level of fitness.
  • Walking on a regular basis may be easier to work into a schedule. You don’t need special clothes, except comfortable shoes. Take your tennis shoes to work and take a walk to lunch.
  • While walking is a great supplement to a workout program and can be a good way to start, you need other types of training too.
  • Check your posture and hold your head high when you walk. Proper form is important to all exercises, including walking.

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