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Ways To Boost Your Exercise Benefits

Taking time out of a busy schedule is commendable, but finding ways to boost your exercise benefits is just plain smart. Exercising isn’t normally part of every American’s day. Most people have jobs that are sedentary, so getting adequate exercise means scheduling it into their day. Those with more physical jobs often don’t get a complete workout. They may have strength style movements or endurance ones, but seldom flexibility movements. That leads to injury unless they also schedule a workout time. Here are a few ways to maximize that time and give you better results.

Use HIIT, circuit and interval training.

With the right type of workout, you can have it all in one, strength, endurance and flexibility training. Interval training is one way to do it. One type of interval training is HIIT—high intensity interval training. The difference is the intensity at the high end. Both types of training give you more benefits in less time. Circuit training uses different types of exercises, but when done with alternating intensity, becomes interval training, too. The type of exercise you use makes the difference in whether it adds strength and flexibility. Getting more for your workout time is a huge boost.

Make strength training part of your workout.

Strength training has so many benefits. It burns up calories quickly, while also burning more calories for hours even after the workout. Unlike cardio training that burns calories from both fat and lean muscle tissue, strength training builds muscle tissue. The more you have, the more calories you burn, since muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does. You’ll get benefits in the gym and afterward by including strength training.

What and when you eat makes a difference.

Drink a cup of coffee before a workout, especially if you workout first thing in the morning. Studies show it boosts performance. Eat some of your daily carbs before going to the gym. Your body needs fuel for a workout and you’re far better off giving it that fuel before a workout than afterward, where the calories can go to fat. Eating your carbs ahead of time increases your overall effort and calorie expenditure, too. It also helps muscle growth.

  • Exercise with a friend. You’re more likely to push a little harder when you have a friendly competition and keep on working out even if you’re tired. It’s one reason trainers help get the best results. They hold you accountable, just like an exercise buddy does.
  • Don’t do strength training every day. Give your muscles a chance to heal. If you do too much without that rest, you won’t get the results you hope to achieve. In fact, it actually negatively affects building.
  • Make sure you hydrate frequently. Water is your friend. I have an older client that calls it her magic elixir. Since the older you are, the quicker you dehydrate, she is absolutely right!
  • Get the right amount of sleep. No matter whether you’re going to the gym or going to work, a good night’s sleep is important to keep you focused and less apt for injury. It helps you boost your intensity, too.

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