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What’s Your Motivation To Stay Healthy?

If you’re like many people, simply deciding you’re going to workout because someone said it was good for you isn’t going to help you stick with a fitness program. Somehow, eating a nutritious meal because it’s good for you, sounds like something mothers tell their children and if you are like most people, it didn’t make you want to eat Brussels sprouts. Having a motivation to stay healthy or get healthy can be your focus, spurring you on when you’d rather grab an order of fries than a salad or watch the latest Netflix release.

Changing daily habits takes a while.

If you’ve ever started a program of healthy eating and regular exercise, only to have it end in less than a month, you understand that it’s not always easy to stick with healthy options until they become habits. That’s one reason working out at the same time every day is important. It helps you form a habit, which makes sticking with an exercise program easier. It’s also a good reason to do meal prep, so you don’t have to worry about what’s for supper or are forced to cook when you’re simply exhausted. Even if you’re really motivated, taking steps to prevent failure can help.

Identifying your downfalls and limitations can help with your motivation.

A food diary can help you realize how many extra calories you eat without realizing it. It can improve your motivation. Tracking your fitness goals, including the number of sets and repetitions can help you realize how much progress you’ve made, even if you don’t see the results yet. Keep your goals in front of you and also your motivation. Do you want to be healthy? Why? That’s not a silly question. Staying healthy can mean you’ll see your child graduate and marry or allow you to live independently in old age. That’s really motivating.

Finding what drives you doesn’t have to be shared.

Nobody should judge your reasons for starting a fitness program. However, they should be yours and you shouldn’t do it just because a spouse said you need to lose weight or get healthier. You need to want it. They say the best revenge is success, so maybe you want to look your best and feel your best as revenge for a bad break-up. It’s far better than sitting home crying or harassing the other party. It also helps get rid of stress. Maybe having more fun time with kids or grand-kids is your goal. You also may just want to feel good about yourself, which you should do no matter what your physical shape, but by getting healthier, you’ll be showing you think you’re important.

  • Focusing on living healthier means more than just working out regularly or eating healthier. It includes healthy habits like getting enough sleep, hydrating frequently and learning to deal with stress.
  • When you’re super motivated, you’ll find ways to increase the activity in your life. It might be something as simple as doing some exercises during a television commercial or even taking the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • If you love food, use that love to help you lose weight. Learn new recipes that are healthy and share that food with others. You’ll probably find people want to join you on your journey to fitness.
  • Use your motivation to get fitter to enrich your life. Do you want more energy to play with the kids? Don’t wait, do it now to burn calories. Do more things that are physical, which can include deep cleaning your home that you might otherwise be put off for later. You’ll get a double benefit.

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