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Why Taking A Time Out Can Improve Your Happiness

Going to Disneyland, taking a vacation or enjoying the latest nightspot may not be what you need to be your happiest. Sometimes, you can improve your happiness by stepping back and taking a short break. Wearing the latest fashions, being in with the in-crowd and having the latest iPhone isn’t going to make it either. Being happy is a state of mind. Nobody can make you happy but you. Sometimes, all it takes is carving out a few minutes each day to count your blessings and looking at the things that truly make you happy.

Being more aware of your needs can start the process.

Understanding what your true feelings are may seem simple, but self-awareness is the basis for being happy. You have to know what your real desires are, not what society tells you they are. After all, there are conflicting commercials bombarding you daily telling you what you should want out of life and many of those things aren’t important to you. Finding out what’s not important is a huge step, then you can work on what is important to you.

Taking time out can also help reduce the stress in your life.

Unless you take time to appreciate what you have and identify not only what you want, but also what you don’t want, you’ll have stress in life. If you’re living under a great deal of stress, you’re not only not happy, you probably aren’t as healthy as you should be. Learning ways to cope with stress, such as meditation, exercise, deep breathing exercises or other type of stress relief can help you reduce your stress and encourage a state of happiness.

Taking time out can help prevent burnout.

If you’ve ever had a burnout, you know it affects all areas of your life, not just your happiness. It affects how efficient you are at work. It also affects whether you are social. Burn out can be prevented. Recovering from your burnout takes far longer to overcome than simply taking a few minutes each day to prevent it. Taking time to prevent both physical and emotional exhaustion will keep you at the top of your game and help you enjoy life more.

  • Learn to prioritize your tasks. Sometimes, other people’s emergencies shouldn’t be yours. If you’re constantly bailing out someone, you’re denying them the opportunity to learn and destroying your own happiness.
  • If you truly enjoy helping other people or like to be the head of a committee, then it’s what makes you happy and worth pursuing. Sometimes, work is what truly makes you happy and if that’s so, do it.
  • Taking time out from both work and play to appreciate the “wins” and “glories” of the day will help you achieve even more.
  • When you identify things that make you happy, focus on the end results, too. Do you love how you feel after working out? Focus on achieving that feeling the next time you go to the gym and you’ll find working out is a lot easier.

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